The Best Pre Workout Supplement For Superior Workout Results!

The best pre workout supplement is the one that takes your workouts to new levels and helps you progress beyond where you’ve been before.

It is also highly subjective with different people looking for different qualities in this category of sports supplements, however, we can still separate the real deal for the rip-off’s by assessing how each product lives up to the expectations of most trainee’s.

Although I’m not a huge fan of supplements, I’ve always liked pre workout supplements because they’ve helped me power through workouts and set new personal bests regularly which is key to progression.

This page is where I explain what these products do, why I take them and try to help you decide what the best pre workout supplement is!

best pre workout supplement

What Do Pre Workout Supplements Claim To Deliver?

Each product varies depending on the ingredients but as a category, pre workout supplements claim to deliver:

  • Increased Energy

  • Enhanced Focus/Drive

  • Increased Strength

  • More Muscle

  • Better muscle pump post workout

  • Increased vascularity

  • Increased blood flow which gets nutrients to the muscles

  • Improved protein synthesis

With a cast list like that its easy to see why this market is the hottest for supplement manufacturers with every single one of them scrambling to get a piece of this lucrative pie.

Why Do I Use Them?

By the time I get home from the office I’m usually tired and don’t always feel like working out, at times like these a good pre workout supplement can get me energised and chomping at the bit to hit the iron!

Clearly if you’re always too tired before working out there’s a deeper, underlying recovery issue such as not eating enough or not getting enough sleep but every now and then to give you a boost and get you in the gym they can be helpful.

A good pre workout supplement helps me concentrate and focus on my workout so I know I’m working out properly not just going through the motions!

My routine is iPod on, focus mode and get in the zone for a productive workout!

best pre workout supplement

What’s In Pre Workout Supplements?

Specific ingredients and the amount of them in each product determine which of the effects above you’ll get. In Pre Workout Supplement Ingredients I list the compounds commonly found in these products and explain which are killer and which are filler!

The best pre workout supplement won’t contain a huge number of ingredients, just a good amount of the effective compounds.

Beware products claiming to be the best pre workout supplement if they have hundreds of ingredients!

Use My Wide Knowledge To Avoid Wasting Money!

I’ve tried so many pre workout supplements, probably over 50 but only a handful stick out in my mind as worthy of spending my hard earned money on!

I want to share my experience to help you decide on the best pre workout supplement for your needs.

Whilst many perform poorly, the handful that do work absolutely electrified my workouts and took them to new heights helping me push past my personal bests and force my body to change!

The way to ensure you don’t waste your money is to try before you buy! Here’s how…

Try Before You Buy (A Whole Tub!)

I’ve found that you can often get single serving samples of supplements which allow you to try before you invest in a whole tub.

There are many places you can get these sample sizes such as:

1 - Fitness Exhibitions Sure, you pay £15-20 to get in but you can usually come away with hundreds of pounds worth of free supplements and even t-shirts, shakers and more. Check out my haul from the BodyPower 2011 Expo!

best pre workout supplement

2 - Supplement Stores
Many supplement shops will allow you to purchase a single serving if you ask nicely, some even retail them in this way as they know people are reluctant to chance their arm on an unknown product.

The last store I tried this in I came away with 5 different products for £5. The store assistant personally recommended a specific product telling me how good it was and that nothing compared to it. I tried my £1 sample and found that it was nowhere near as good as he promised.

Result? I saved myself £40 by trying for myself rather than trusting the shops recommendation.

Some online supplement stores also offer sample sizes so check before you invest in a whole tub!

Finding The Best Pre Workout Supplement: My Reviews

Here’s a list of the supplements I’ve personally tested and my review of each of them:

Contolled Labs White Flood
Nutrex Hemo Rage Ultra Black Concentrate
Gaspari SuperPump Max
Gaspari SuperPump 250
No-Xplode Igniter Shots
Purple Wraath
USP labs jack3d
Cytogenix Cytonox
Universal Animal Rage
Dorian Yates Nox Pump
Met-RX Amped
Pro Slam 27
VPX No Shotgun
USN Anabolic Nitro

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