Industry Uncovered: The Best Protein Shake Scandal!

Whey Protein Shake


When the muscle mags tell us the best protein shake is the one they have advertised between the articles, why do we believe them?

Because we’re told to and we’re so desperate to get a beach body we are willing to accept this as the divine path to six pack abs.


The fact is we are being made victim to powerful marketing praying on our needs and desires in order to sell supplements.

Worst still, most of the protein shakes advertised and recommended are overpriced and provide sub optimal nutrition!

Let me save you some time, effort and money and tell you the truth about the best protein shake….

But Don’t the Top Bodybuilders Drink Protein Shakes?

True, they do but the truth is most of them are so jacked up on anabolic steroids that the protein shakes are just an additional source of protein.

The best protein shake in the world couldn’t get them looking how they do onstage..only a bagful of steroids.

That’s the truth.

Unfortunately for the uneducated the magazines spin the lie that they got in that shape because of the protein shake they drink. Usually it’s along the lines of this:

“Jay Cutler won the Mr Olympia for the third time and he puts this down to the cutting edge nutrition provided by his Muscletech ** product name**. Here’s a word from Jay:

“In the run up to the Olympia I was able to experience the power of Muscletech **product name**, I have insane focus, skin splitting pumps and build more solid mass then ever before! It’s the best protein shake available, I wouldn’t train without it and you shouldn’t either!”

Now I’m no master marketer but it’s clear that we’re being taken for a ride in order to line someone’s pockets!

You know whose pockets?

How the Bodybuilding Supplement Industry Make Money – By Lying to You!

You know who owns the muscle magazines?

The supplement companies:

Now you know this try to think of the magazines as a catalogue and ensure your BS filter is set to high!

So Are Protein Shakes a Waste of Time and Money?

After my ranting throughout this article it may surprise you to learn that I actually believe protein powders are useful and a good addition to your diet.

What I don’t advocate is people spending more than they need to in the hope of it being the difference between average results and exceptional results.

The fact is the best protein shake is very simple. It’s good old fashioned Whey Protein.

The Reason You Probably Need a Protein Shake

If you have access to food all day and can prepare your meals and eat clean then you may not need a protein shake.

Fact is, most of us don’t have that luxury and we all know that a busy schedule can wreak havoc on your best intentions to make a healthy choice, when that happens too often your progress stalls.

Living life on your toes is challenging at the best of times, when you do actually find the time to eat your choice is generally limited to petrol stations and fast food joints.

I can’t count the number of times I have been stuck in traffic for hours on the M25 (the London orbital motorway) or the times someone calls a 5’o clock meeting that never ends!

It started to happen too often and after a while I realised I had nothing to show for my hours of toil in the gym. I lost a good amount of muscle because I missed meals regularly!

You know why? I simply wasn’t eating enough protein which meant my body was chowing down on the little hard earned muscle I did have!

Often it was out of my control because I would get home late from work, having missed a meal I would be tired and hungry. Needing to eat something right then would usually be the start of a major binge. This became a regular occurrence and that’s where my progress stopped!

In desperate times such as these a protein shake is essential to ensure your diet stays on track and your body gets the fuel it needs to change.

Put a few scoops into a shaker for a fast, take anywhere protein fix, keep the shaker in your bag, your desk at work or your car and you will always be prepared for the unexpected.

A little tip for you, buy some small Tupperware’s with a few scoops of Whey Protein Powder in just in case you get caught short, this will be your emergency supply!

I use these because they are small so I can take them anywhere, much more discreet than carrying a 5lb tub with you!

I hope I’ve stopped you falling for the tricks of the supplement companies but that you also recognise the usefulness of protein shakes and use that to your advantage.

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