Complete Free Intermittent Fasting Guide

This complete intermittent fasting (IF) guide will take you from A to Z and cover everything you need to start IF today!

For those of you unfamiliar with IF, it’s a great way to get super lean whilst retaining lean muscle mass and in my opinion it’s the best way for natural trainees to transform their bodies.

The articles below will help you understand exactly what IF is, why it works and how to set up a diet whether your goals fat loss, muscle gain or a little of both.

Does IF Work?

You bet it does, I favour the leangains method of IF made popular by Martin Berkhan and as you can see in these pictures, Martin knows how to get crazy lean!

intermittent fasting

It doesn’t only work for Martin there are many testimonials on his site attesting to how effective IF is.

What is IF and Why is It So Good?

First things first, it’s important you understand what IF is, check out my intermittent fasting 101 article which covers the basics.

There are so many intermittent fasting benefits that make this protocol so effective including:

  • lower bodyfat

  • getting rid of stubborn bodyfat

  • Spares lean muscle mass

  • Appetite suppression

And many more which make it an effective way to stick to your diet long term without it feeling like a diet.

Setting Up An IF Diet Plan

Setting up a leangains style diet is shrouded in mystery with no official plan released by Martin. We’re told they’ll be revealed in his book but around 3 years later and we’re still waiting for its release.

Cynics suggest it’s because he’s making enough money working with clients where he charges a fairly substantial amount of money for a customized plan and coaching. However, it pretty much guarantees results so its money well spent!

For people not able to shell out hundreds of Euros for an official leangains diet plan this is the next best thing.

Below you can find full guides to setting up an IF diet for each of the 3 protocols:

intermittent fasting

IF Meal Plans

Once you’ve ran through the diet setup steps above you’ll know how much of each nutrient you need to eat but you might find it difficult to envisage what that looks like.

These IF Diet Meal Plans will show you the types of food you should be eating on workout and rest days. The below sample meal plans will then show you how much to eat to meet your dietary targets:

IF Meal Plans For Fat Loss

Intermittent Fasting Rest Day Meal Plan For Fat Loss
Intermittent Fasting Workout Day Meal Plan For Fat Loss

IF Meal Plans For Muscle Gain

IF Rest Day Meal Plan For Muscle Gain
IF Workout Day Meal Plan For Muscle Gain

IF Meal Plans For Recomposition

IF Rest Day Meal Plan For Recomposition
IF Workout Day Meal Plan For Recomposition


The articles above will give you everything you need to know about setting up your very own IF diet plan, however, if you have any questions you can ask them below using Facebook and I’ll do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

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