Tasty Ketogenic Diet Recipes are Hard To Find…Until Now!

Ketogenic diet recipes that actually taste good enough for people who aren’t even dieting! Make your ketogenic diet menu tasty with keto recipes my cookbook and those of other visitors!

Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Salsa and Lime Pork Chops
Ketogenic Diet Recipes:
Salsa & Lime Pork Chops
Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs
Ketogenic Diet Recipes:
Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs
Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Paprika Chicken Kebabs
Ketogenic Diet Recipes:
Paprika Chicken Kebabs
Ketogenic Diet Recipes:<br> Keto Jelly With Cream
Ketogenic Diet Recipes:
Keto Jelly With Cream
Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Keto Coffee
Ketogenic Diet Recipes:
Keto Coffee
Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Lebanese Chicken
Ketogenic Diet Recipes:
Lebanese Chicken

How To Get Others To Eat Keto…Without Them Knowing!

The problem with Ketogenic diet recipes comes when you have to cook for people other than yourself.

If you eat dinner with your partner or family in the evening the conflict that arises is that no one else wants to eat keto food! Whilst that plate of olive oil drenched meat, smothered with melted cheese sounds great to you, keto food is not always the preferred choice of the people around you.

In an ideal world you would just eat what your ketogenic diet menu permits and your partner and family could eat the food they prefer. The fact is this doesn’t work in practice. Who’s got time to cook one meal, let alone two!

Being in a relationship where the other person isn’t dieting can be dangerous enough! Restricting carbs restricts choice and this is often a source of conflict at home.

You try telling your partner that tonight you are serving up meat and cheese for dinner for the third night in a row!

So you don’t have time to cook two meals but you don’t want to compromise your diet…what do you do?

The answer is to trick them into eating keto food without them knowing about it.

3 Steps To Get People Eating Keto Food

#1 – Don’t Tell Them it’s Keto Food – Otherwise you’ll have people refuse to eat “all that dangerous fat” as they’re convinced they’ll have a heart attack right there at the table!

#2 - Don’t Tell Them it’s Diet Food! – Or they’ll presume it’ll be bland and tasteless. Getting someone back from a negative mindset is far harder than them tasting your food with an open mind! The good thing is that most people wouldn’t think keto food was diet food anyway as they associate low fat with dieting and that fatty steak with butter is as far from a diet as possible for Joe Public.

#3 – Prepare Some Carbs For Your Fellow Diners – It might be difficult for you to have carbs across the table from you but you’re going to have to exercise some willpower. If you’re fellow diners refuse to eat foods without their fix of potato or rice then you’re going to have to suck it up and make it for them. A pot or pan bubbling on the side while you cook your main course won’t add much more time and it’s a good way to avoid conflict and cater for everyone.

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What's Your Favourite Ketogenic Diet Recipe?

Do you have an lip smacking keto diet recipe thats so tasty even people not dieting love it?

Share it and let the world taste and rate your recipe! Is your recipe worthy of a 5 star rating?

You can add images of your culinary handywork to get the taste buds tingling. (All images will display as thumbnails which show as a larger image when clicked).

Keto Recipes From Other Visitors

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Creamed Spinach - Better than the "Market"! 
This is amazing and kills those creamy cheesy cravings...best spinach dish I've ever had!!! Not only that, but it takes less than 10 minutes to make!

Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Stuffed Peppers and Mushrooms 
This ketogenic diet recipe uses stuffed peppers and mushrooms to provide a healthy serving of fibre and nutrients along with keto staples like mince and …

Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs 
New ketogenic diet recipes don't always turn out as good as they sound. But this slow cooked BBQ ribs recipe is so delicious you'd swear you weren't …

Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Salsa and Lime Pork Chops 
My favourite Ketogenic diet recipe at the moment is this salsa and lime pork chops recipe which I make in my recently purchased slow cooker (crock …

Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Paprika Chicken Kebabs 
This ketogenic diet recipe is a great tasting, high protein meal that doesn't look like a typical ketogenic diet recipe so it's easy to trick people …

Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Keto Jelly With Cream 
This Keto jelly with cream is a great sweet treat that's low in calories and sugar free and it kills sugar cravings dead! It takes seconds to …

Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Keto Coffee 
Keto coffee is an easy way for busy people to add some fatty goodness to their daily coffee, it also tastes awesome and you'll struggle to go back …

Ketogenic Diet Recipes: Lebanese Chicken 
This ketogenic diet recipe is one of my favourite recipes and it's regularly requested by my better half as a tasty dinner after work. I've also …

The Weekender 
We call it the weekender because we make it on the weekends and pretty much nibble off of it all day while doing stuff around the house. 1 lb/tube of …

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